New Mobile Medical Units in Medellin

Medellin mayor Aníbal Gaviria Correa announced that the Secretary of Health and the Mayor’s office has invested more than five million dollars into the cause of protecting and preserving Medellin inhabitant’s health.  The city government has provided 5 medical vehicles and 8 ambulances all equipped with innovative medical technology.

The vehicles are broken down in this manner:

  • One medical vehicle will deal with sexual health, and mental health.
  • Another medical vehicle will handle oral health, nutrition, and chronic ailments.
  • Another medical vehicle will service dogs and cats.
  • Two other medical vehicles will provide vaccinations.

These mobile health units will reach more vulnerable parts of the city, will help treat ailments, and prevent future spread of disease.

Medellin Medical VehicleMedellin Medical VehicleMedellin Medical Vehicle

Medellin Medical VehicleMedical Vehicle Medellin Mayor

Source: Medellin Government Website


Invested: is the past tense of the verb invest, which means to put money into a project or business with the intention of making a return profit.
Inhabitant: is a noun and is a person or animal that lives in a place or location.  Synonymous with civilian.
Broken down: is a phrasal verb meaning to dissect in pieces.
Deal with: is a phrasal verb meaning to take care of something or to manage or control a certain situation.
Handle: is a verb synonymous with the phrasal verb to deal with.  It means to take care of something or to manage or control a certain situation.
Ailment: is a noun and is synonymous with sickness.  An ailment is typically a minor sickness.
Spread: is a verb meaning to propagate, distribute or to extend.  In this article spread is used in the context of passing disease to other people.

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