Three year old priest in Colombian becomes viral hit

Samuel Jaramillo, from Medellin, Colombia, asked Santa Clause for priest’s garments and all of the necessary objects to give Mass, rather than toys last Christmas. Little Samuel goes to church every Sunday and Tuesday with his grandmother. At home, instead of playing with cars or plastic figures he plays church.  He stands at his makeshift altar and preaches.

Samuel is an orphan and lives with his grandmother and aunt in Medellin, Colombia.

In the video you can see that Samuel fervidly addresses his flock and relays the word of god.  One must admit that the sight is one of the cutest things ever.  His YouTube video has clocked over 500,000 views.


Garments: this word is a noun and it is synonymous to clothes.
Makeshift: is an adjective and it’s synonymous with temporary.
Rather: is an adverb and it means instead of, or in place of.  Relating to preferance.
Fervidly: is an adverb and it’s synonymous with passionately.
Flock: is a noun and is commonly used to describe a group of birds.  In the article’s context it is used to describe the group of followers at a church.
Relays: is a verb and it means to recieve something and pass it on.
Clocked: is the past tense of the verb to clock, which means to register, or attain.


Samuel Jaramillo little Colombian priest

Samuel Jaramillo little Colombian priest

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