Colombia Qualifies for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Colombia World Cup 2014 – Last Friday, October 11th, I went to watch Colombia play Chile in Parque Lleras.   It was a very important game because a win versus Chile meant qualification to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  I met up with a few friends at a bar in Parque Lleras were we usually go to watch soccer matches, La Chingona (Check em out on Facebook.)

Before the game started we were already taking shots of Guaro (Aguardiente).

Aguardiente Antioqueno "Guaro"

Aguardiente Antioqueno “Guaro”

The first half of the game was a big [glossary id=’498′ slug=’letdown’ /].  Colombia was down three goals to zero.  We had [glossary id=’499′ slug=’resorted’ /] to taking shots of “guaro” to [glossary id=’500′ slug=’console’ /] ourselves.  At the end of the first half everyone in the place had a worried look, but I still had faith.  I’ve seen bigger miracles in sports, and I have seen Colombia play great.

The second half started with a couple of shots of “guaro” and a couple of changes by coach Jose Pekerman to the Colombian [glossary id=’501′ slug=’lineup’ /].  Colombia controlled the ball a lot better, but the real momentum [glossary id=’502′ slug=’shift’ /] came at minute 66 when Chilean player Carlos Carmona was sent off with his second yellow card.

Colombia’s first goal came by way of corner kick.  Téofilo Gutiérrez found himself with the ball at his feet at almost [glossary id=’503′ slug=’pointblank’ /] range and put it in the back of the net. Colombia 1, Chile 3.

Though it calmed our nerves slightly the first wasn’t celebrated very loudly.  We continued to take shots of “Guaro”.

The second goal was intense.  James Rodriguez, Colombia’s starting midfielder and play-maker, was fouled inside the box and a penalty kick was [glossary id=’504′ slug=’awarded’ /] to Colombia.  Ranked as one of the best players in the world, who else would Pekerman designate to take the kick, but Radamel “The Tiger” Falcao.

Falcao’s first penalty shot – Colombia’s second goal

The third goal again came by way of penalty kick.  Again James Rodriguez was fouled inside the box and again “El Tigre” was appointed to take the penalty kick.  Cool, as if ice water flowed through his veins, Falcao took the penalty shot and scored the 3rd goal to mark this historic comeback.  The restaurant exploded, strangers hugged each other, babies were thrown into the air in celebration, screams of “goal hijueputa” filled the air, and the “guaro” flowed, I could have cried.

Falcao’s second penalty shot – Colombia’s third goal

We all knew we had witnessed something spectacular, not only in Colombian soccer history, but in soccer history as a whole, a monumental comeback, and now after 16 years Colombia will once again play in the World Cup.

Today is Tuesday, October 15.  Colombia played Paraguay in their final World Cup qualifier match.  Again Colombia conceded a goal in the first half and was down one goal to zero at halftime.  Colombia lost Fredy Guarin due to a second yellow card.  So not only was Colombia down 1 – 0, but they had one man less on the field.  Being able to [glossary id=’505′ slug=’overcome’ /] adversity is a quality that defines a champion, and in great style Colombia overcame their deficit.

Colombia scored 2 goals by way of set pieces from well outside of the box.  Both goals were scored by defender Mario Alberto Yepes, who was named the player of the game.

This final win makes Colombia a leading team in one of the 8 groups in the World Cup.  The top team in a group plays the group’s lowest ranked team, making that first game a lot easier.  This win is historic because it is the first time Colombia has ever qualified for the World Cup with 30 points.

I’m already planning my trip to Brazil.

Me and Kelia

Me and Kelia

Andrew, Kelia, Jasmine Dwayne, and Juan

Andrew, Kelia, Jasmine Dwayne, and Juan

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