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What is the difference between lay and lie?

image-1336Many of my students in Medellin have asked me what the difference is between lay and lie. Even native speakers from around the world do not know how to use lay and lie properly. In this quick lesson Andrew goes over the meaning and the use of lay and lie followed by a small quiz.

Cartagena’s Independence Day – November 11

image-1300Colombia's independence is long and bloody. November 11 is an important date because it was a precedent to all independence revolutions throughout South America. This sense of revolution and bravery that the people from Cartagena displayed earned their city the nickname la "Ciudad Heroica" the "Heroic City."

Dia de la Raza – Columbus Day in Colombia

image-1255El Dia de la Raza is a Colombian holiday in October. It is celebrated the second Monday of the month and it is a day to commemorate our dysfunctional past. In this post I write about the reality of how our race came to be. This is an advanced level reading, B2 to C2 level.

In at on – Prepositions

image-1232Mastering prepositions in English is not an easy task. Even native speakers have a hard time. In this quick lesson I go over the usage of the in, at, and on prepositions in relation to time.

What is the Difference Between Who and Whom?

image-1178The use of who and whom is becoming less and less important in spoken English, but in written English it is very important. Especially if you are preparing for an exam like the IELTS or TOEFL. In this lesson I go over the use of who and whom in a very easy to understand way.
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