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Ascension Day May 14

image-1638Most Colombians whom I ask do not know what Ascension Day is. So I started to ask my gringo "Christian" friends and almost none knew what it was. Most people have never read the Bible let alone know what Ascension Day is...

Love The Way You Lie – Rihanna featuring Eminem

image-1632Using music to learn English. Most English students in Medellin love music in English. Many know the whole song and the words, yet they do not know what they mean. Especially if the song is hip hop. In this post I analyze Rihanna and Eminem's Love the way you lie...

I’m an Entrepreneur in Medellin

image-1603Being an entrepreneur and learning a new language are similar in many ways. In this blog post I will write about the similarities between an entrepreneur in Medellin (me) and an English/Spanish language learner (you).

Semana Santa in Medellin

image-1585Whether I go to a small town to party on the weekend or I stay in the city to just relax and enjoy the empty streets I always enjoy Semana Santa in Medellin. In this post I go over what Semana Santa is in Medellin.

Happy Women’s Day – Top 3 Colombian Women

image-1548The current Colombian female stereotype is one of beauty. It's not a bad stereotype to have, and most Colombian women live up to it, but if we dissect history books and look at what women have done for the advancement of the country and their gender, their beauty is not key.