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Hope, fear, exhilaration, despair are just some of the more radical emotions football supporters will be going through supporting their home countries in this month’s world cup in Brazil. It feels like it has been forever coming but finally it has arrived.

Brazil World Cup 2014

For football supporters like myself, it does not get better than this. We will be glued to the action in anticipation of the drama which will undoubtedly unfold.  Unfortunately for me my home team Ireland will not be represented following an abysmal showing in what was admittedly a very tough group. However I have the good fortune of currently residing in Medellin, Colombia therefore I will be donning the yellow jersey, supporting my adopted country and joining in, in what will be undoubtedly one of the best parties of the year. If it is one thing we Irish have in common with Colombians is we both know how to party! (The difference is Colombians know when to stop).

When we look towards the World Cup we tend to focus our attention on the main contenders and the galaxy of stars contained within their respective lineups but for me some of the greatest World Cup moments involved players from the so called lesser lights. This may stem from the fact that I hail from a country that is perceived to be a lesser light but a country nonetheless that has etched memories into World Cup folklore.

Ray Houghton 1994

We Irish are proud of our chapter in the World Cup story and not being able to enhance that chapter this summer is disappointing to say the least. For now memories of Bonner’s penalty save versus Romania, Houghton’s goal rocking Giants Stadium to the core and Robbie Keane bringing the mighty Germans back to earth with a bang are enough to nourish me.

Valderrama Colombia

Instead I now look forward to showing support for my adopted nation of Colombia who have a wonderful tradition of playing flamboyant, exciting football. The electricity of Faustino Asprilla, the exuberance of Carlos Valderrama and the downright zaniness of the Scorpion King, Rene Higuita are memories which leave me salivating at the prospect of what Colombia may have in store for us this year!

The Spotlight

The lesser lights always shine brightly at the World Cup, who can forget Roger Milla shaking those hips at the corner flag or the demonic stare of Thomas Ravelli between the sticks for Sweden and what about Saeed Al Owairan’s spellbinding solo effort for Saudi Arabia in 1994? The lesser lights bring romanticism to the World Cup and give supporters a brief chance to dream, a glimpse of heaven. A heaven where only a select few have tasted triumph, but that doesn’t mean the rest cannot live the dream?

Will it be the vibrant new force that is Belgium that will captivate our attention? What of the silken skills of Ghana’s Black Stars? Or maybe the East will rise again as South Korea did in 2002? One things is for sure, by the time this feast of football is over some lesser lights are going to be catapulted towards superstardom!

At least we know one thing for sure… England are going to go agonizingly out on penalties…. again. Hopefully this time to Colombia, as there is a good chance they will meet in the second round in Rio de Janeiro. If that is the case I won’t be the only Irishman partying Colombian style for the day!

About the Writer – Niall Moore

Niall MooreNiall Moore qualified from the University of Limerick with a degree in economics and a Master’s degree in Finance. Since then he has trained to become a professional chartered accountant working in a business advisory role for a number of small and medium sized enterprises in Colombia and Ireland.

He is working and living in Medellin, Colombia and speaks fluent Spanish.

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