Eslabón Prendido – The Best Live Salsa in Medellin

El Eslabón Prendido is exactly what you envision a Colombian salsa bar to be like.  It’s small, it’s cramped, it’s muggy, it’s loud, it’s dark, and most important of all the music is completely amazing.  Eslabón Prendido is a local treasure, and a salsa lover’s dream.  What makes Eslabón Prendido unique are a couple of things:

1. The Location – Located in Downtown Medellin it is hidden on a narrow side street near Parque del Periodista (Journalist Park).  This isn’t a terribly dangerous location, but you definitely don’t want to venture off to far from the park or the bar itself.  Eslabon Prendido’s Address – Calle 53 No 42 – 55, Medellín, Antioquia (Google Maps:  

Eslabon Prendido

Street View

2. The Atmosphere – Typically the band doesn’t start until after 10:00 pm, but once it gets started you can hear it from a couple of blocks away.  The place is  not so big, and it gets crowded, especially on Tuesday nights.  There is usually a small cover charge to get in and the drinks are reasonably priced.  Most locals go for drinks at Parque del Periodista first, then proceed to the bar once the music starts.  Once inside the place is dark and humid; the small space, the large amount of people, and the lack of ventilation make it humid.  Despite the humidity and the cramped space it’s rare to hear anyone complain.  The atmosphere is electric, people dance wherever they can, with whomever they can.

3.  The Music – The music is salsa and arguably the best live salsa in Medellin.  Typically you won’t see less than five musicians in the stage area.  I’ve seen more than ten musicians playing all at once before.  Most of the musicians are what you would loosely call “street musicians”.  Meaning that they don’t get paid highly, some don’t get paid at all, some play in steady bands, others just jam, and some are minor celebrities in the Medellin salsa scene.  The songs are usually all salsa standards like the one in the video below (Fruko y sus Tesos – El Preso).  


  1. If you want to get a table and bottle service get there before 10:00 pm.  The alcohol is not very expensive; drinks vary from hard alcohol to domestic beers.
  2. The park, Parque Periodista, could be a meeting point, just use common sense when there.  Obviously your drinks will be cheaper if you buy them at a store near the park.
  3. Tuesday night is when it gets the most crowded.  Thursday night is less crowded.  If a holiday happens to land on Tuesday or Thursday be aware that there might not be anything going on that night.

What? The best live salsa in Medellin.

When? Tuesday and Thursday nights at about 10:00 pm.

Where? Eslabón Prendido – Address: Calle 53 No 42 – 55, Medellín, Antioquia (Google Maps:

Why? Because you won’t regret it.


Cramped: is an adjective and it means to be small or restricting, usually when referring to space.
Muggy: is an adjective and it is synonymous with humid.
Treasure: is a noun and is something of high value, typically precious metals and/or stones.
Unique: is an adjective and it means to one of a kind.  It is similar to the adjective original.
Narrow: is used as an adjective and it means that the space is long and not wide.
Crowded: is used as an adjective and it means to be full near or to capacity.
Lack of: is used as a noun and it means the absence of.
Despite: is a preposition often used as a connector meaning without being affected by.
Arguably: is an adverb and it means that something could be contested or disputed.
Loosely: is an adverb meaning in a relaxed manner.
Regret: is a verb meaning to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).

Eslabon Prendido - Best salsa in MedellinEslabon Prendido - Medellin Colombia

Eslabon Prendido - Best salsa in Medellin


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