On the 13th of April an agile Metro police officer saved a 40 year old man from definite demise.  One can observe in the video that the 40 year old man attempts to jump in front of the train as it is  about to pass by.  With cat-like reflexes the young recruit catches the man’s shirt and pulls him to safety.

The man later stated his appreciation for the officer’s action.  He said that he had been having trouble and that he let himself get carried away.

The officer who saved the man’s life is a high school graduate who was recruited into the service.  In Colombia it is mandatory for youths to join the armed forces.  Some of the new recruits are sent to work as police recruits in their respected city.


Agile: is an adjective and it means to be quick, and easy in movement, nimble.
Demise: is a noun and it is synonymous with death.
Reflexes: is a noun and is one’s immediate, sometimes involuntary, response, such as moving your hand away from a hot surface.
To get carried away: is an idiom meaning to be taken by emotion or enthusiasm.
Recruited: is the past tense of the verb to recruit meaning to select for military service.

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Heroic Officer Saves a Life on the Metro

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