Medellin wants to host the Youth Olympic Games 2018

Youth Olympic Games 2018 – Medellin citizens showed their support for Medellin’s bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games on Sunday at a celebration called Olympic Day.

50,000 plus residents congregated in Medellin’s city center to participate in the official Olympic Day 5 kilometer run – the biggest ever held in Colombia.

Medellin’s Mayor, Anibal Gaviria Correa, led the celebration.  Mr. Gaviria said, “clearly our most significant support comes from the people. This incredible participation on Olympic Day shows that the Olympic spirit is alive in Medellin. Today’s event shows that we have the capacity and are ready to organize such a big event and the wonderful people of Medellin are committed to this opportunity to bring the Youth Olympic Games to our city”.

Streets downtown were closed off to vehicles and the amount of people turned Medellin’s downtown streets into rivers of runners.

Medellin is a top choice as host city for the 2018 Youth Olympic games.  The host will be selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on July 4th, 2013 in Lausanne, Sqitzerland.


Host: is a verb and it means to receive people in your home.  Example: I will host the party at my apartment.
Bid: is used as a noun here and it is an offer made.  Example: Medellin’s bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympics will be reviewed by the International Olympic Committee.
Congregated: is the past tense of the verb congregate.  It means to gather in large amounts.  Example: Birds congregate on my roof every morning, the noise wakes me up.
Led: is the past tense of the verb lead.  To lead means to direct, or conduct.
Closed off: is the past tense of the phrasal verb close off.  It means to close with the purpose of not allowing anyone in and at the same time keeping things or people inside.  Example: The scene of the crime is closed off to the public.

Medellin 2018 Youth Olympics

Medellin 2018 Youth Olympics

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