Costa Rica World Cup 2014

Costa Rica – Pura Vida!

Before the World Cup began Group D resembled the waters of the Tarcoles River Costa Rica, a place where powerful crocodiles lurk menacingly hoping to snap their jaws down on unsuspecting prey. As I surveyed it prior to the commencement of the games my memory wandered back to a day on the Tarcoles River. We cruised the murky waters in an effort to catch a glimpse of these monsters and we weren’t to be disappointed as one of our guides stepped into the water and proceeded to entice one of these gargantuan creatures into eating a chicken from his tantalising grip. My previous understanding of Group D was that Costa Rica were to be the main course in the feeding frenzy amongst the ravenous reptiles contained within this group. My presumptions have been turned upside down due to the manner in which Costa Rica tore the hotly fancied Uruguayans asunder. Joel Campbell spearheaded the Costa Rican challenge and illustrated why Arsenal need to ensure he returns to the Emirates next season. Costa Rica, minnows pitted alongside three former World Cup winning countries have emerged from the initial stages in the murky waters of Group D unscathed. Therefore my memories of the Tarcoles River need revising as Costa Rica now seem more akin to our courageous guide, a team who braved the treacherous waters of Group D and succeeded in taming one of the beasts contained within. Only time will tell if Costa Rica, through that magnificent performance against Uruguay have been foolhardy rather than brave in awakening the Italians from any potential slumber they may have been, having dined on the carcass of the English first day out.

England vs Italy World Cup 2014

England – Agony in the Amazon

It is unfair to remark that England were ´torn asunder’ by the Italians as they gave as good as they got in their opening game… I think I even saw a kitchen sink being thrown at the Italian defense at one stage. One only had to witness the red heads on the English players at full-time as evidence of the extent of the effort of Roy Hodgson´s. This game was the first time I have ever cheered for England in any sport! The reason for this was that there were a number of Liverpool players starting, I felt it would be hypocritical to not do so. It was a bit of a win/win situation really as I wasn’t too upset after the final whistle.

Australia World Cup 2014

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… Out! Out! Out!

Word has it that the Australian squad were the first team to arrive in Brazil, due to the fact that they were almost guaranteed to be first team to be knocked out. It would be wrong to fly half way across the world and fly back two weeks later. The Socceroos —of whom perhaps only Tim Cahill would be recognised by the average football fan definitely drew the shortest straw. Ranked 62nd in the world they drew the two previous world cups finalists and the hipster’s favourites, Chile. It will take a lot of Vegemite and a lot of luck for them to emerge from the real group of death.

Chile 2014 Wolrd Cup

The Hipsters favourites – Chile

Hipsters are defined as a ‘subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter’. La Roja have emerged as the team of choice for the ‘independent-thinkers’ of the footballing world. They play a dynamic, free-flowing and attacking brand of football. This has endeared them to many the football fan looking to attach themselves to one of the tournaments dark horses. This is especially the case as Belgium have emerged as one of the more main-stream favourites. If they can get out of their group it will take a very good team to get the upper hand on them.

Colombia World Cup 2014

Los Cafeteros

Colombia returned to the world cup stage in emphatic fashion, easily accounting for Greece in Belo Horizonte. As the 65,000 Colombian supporters who made the trip to Brazil partied the night away in true Colombian fashion, many of those who stayed behind were left sipping on their ‘Tintos’ due to the archaic dry law that was enforced as a result of the general election. It was a surreal experience but I suspect on that level of performance there will be many more opportunities.

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