Sweet Dreams in Medellin

Medellin is like a magic potion for staying young. WebMD says one secret to avoid getting old is to get enough sleep. Finding a quiet place to sleep might be tricky if you’re on a budget and can spend up to $600 monthly on rent. But, living in El Poblado, even though it’s busy, I’ve set up my life here so I can sleep well for a solid 8 hours, even with some neighborhood sounds.

No Smoke, No Wrinkles

Another cool thing about Medellin is that hardly anyone smokes. WebMD talks about how smoking makes you age faster, but here, it’s pretty rare to see Colombians with cigarettes. The government even says there are way fewer smokers now, thanks to some rules they made.

Sunshine Without the Burn

WebMD also says too much sun can age you. I did some digging, and Medellin gets a good amount of sun but not as much as big cities like Miami or Los Angeles. So, you get some sun, but not too much, which might help slow down aging.

Happy Skin in the Humidity

Keeping your skin hydrated is a big deal to stay looking young. Guess what? Medellin’s got that covered, too. It’s humid here, around 60% humidity every year. That’s good news for your skin, according to some weather folks. Who knew humidity could be a good thing?

Eating Right, Colombian Style

Eating healthy is a no-brainer to stay young. Colombian food is only sometimes super healthy, but you can find better options. There’s this place called Carulla where you can get organic stuff. Colombians usually have a small breakfast, a prominent and balanced lunch, and a light dinner. It’s not like they’re gorging on junk food all day.

Move That Body!

Moving around is another trick to keep the wrinkles away. Medellin’s all about that. People walk a lot here. Even if you have a car, you walk more than you’d think. My friends who moved here say they’ve never walked this much.

Make Some Friends, Stay Young

Having friends is fun, right? Turns out, it’s also good for staying young. In Medellin, people are friendly, especially to foreigners. So, it’s hard not to make friends. I’m social, and I’ve met many incredible people here. It makes life better.

Doctor Checkups Made Easy

Going to the doctor is essential for staying young, but it can be challenging. In Medellin, it’s way simpler. The healthcare is affordable, and you can book appointments on your phone—no need to stress about it.

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to break the bank here. You can do it even on a $2,000 monthly budget. You can get checkups, exercise, and hang out with friends. It does make you feel younger. I’m 42, but sometimes I feel like I’m 25, thanks to Medellin. And that’s not just me saying it; it’s what the facts and vibes here tell me.