Hey, everyone! Welcome back. Today, I want to share the incredible journey of Chris Cajoles, a friend of 12 years who has been living a frugal yet thrilling life as an expatriate in Medellín.

From Florida to Medellín

Love in Brazil, Move to Medellín:

Chris, originally from Brandon, Florida, moved to Brazil 15 years ago for love, but as fate would have it, things didn’t go as planned. After twists and turns, friends suggested he give Medellín, Colombia, a shot.

Ups and Downs in Medellín

Restaurant Owner’s Journey:

Chris, the former owner of Flip-Flop Sandwich Shop, walks us through his housing choices from a troublesome area infested with “Drug Dealers,” so he had to move to Sabaneta and Poblado.

Monthly Expenses and Lifestyle

Financial Breakdown:

Chris shares his monthly expenses, emphasizing the split bills with his Colombian wife. He pays $350 monthly for rent, utilities, and cable. His biggest expense? Eating out, totaling around $200. Despite occasional indulgences like cigars, Chris maintains a frugal approach, living comfortably but economically.

The Adventurous Explorer

Motorcycle Travels:

Owning a motorcycle saves Chris on transportation costs, allowing him to explore Colombia affordably. His budget-friendly approach extends to his travels, opting for economical hotels.

Balancing Luxuries and Frugality

Living the Frugal Life:

Chris discusses how he tries to extend his time in Colombia by living frugally. Despite some luxuries, like cigars, he emphasizes the importance of not compromising happiness. His $4 wedding ring, a symbol of his frugal mindset, adds a touch of humor to his lifestyle.

Lessons from Chris’s Medellín Life

Discipline and Adaptation:

In wrapping up, Chris estimates his monthly expenses between $700 and $800, proving that maintaining a balance between pleasures and smart budgeting is vital. His experience serves as a testament that living in Colombia, while affordable, demands discipline and cultural adaptation.