Today, we embark on a mission: to find out how many groceries we can get with $100 in Medellín. Join me on this shopping journey as we explore the options at one of the city’s largest supermarkets, Éxito on Calle 10

Where to Start: Éxito on Calle 10

Before diving into the shopping adventure, it’s important to highlight that Medellín, Colombia, offers various fresh foods and essential products at affordable prices. From fruits and vegetables to dairy products and meats, local markets provide a vibrant and diverse shopping experience.

This particular Éxito is more than just a supermarket. With a co-working space and a Western Union, it offers additional amenities for shoppers. It’s the perfect starting point for our shopping excursion.

  • Currency Exchange: Our first stop is to exchange our $100 bill for Colombian pesos at the Western Union inside Éxito. With 372,000 pesos in hand, we’re ready to begin.
  • Grocery Selection: Armed with a shopping list that includes essentials like rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, we explore the supermarket’s extensive sections. Here’s a sample of what we bought:
    • Rice: 1 kg – 5,000 pesos
    • Beans: 500 g – 3,500 pesos
    • Apples: 1 kg – 4,000 pesos
    • Chickpeas: 500 g – 4,000 pesos
    • Carrots: 1 kg – 2,500 pesos
    • Milk: 1 liter – 2,800 pesos
    • Cheese: 250 g – 6,000 pesos
    • Chicken: 1 kg – 12,000 pesos
    • Bread: 1 unit – 3,000 pesos
    • Tree Tomato: 1 kg – 5,000 pesos
  • Self-Checkout: Using the convenient self-checkout service, we scan our items and pay ourselves. Despite our expectations, we are below our initial budget of 372,000 pesos!
    • Final Reflection: After shopping and loading our groceries into the taxi, we return home with two bags full of fresh and essential products for 352,000 pesos. A satisfying shopping experience that highlights the accessibility and diversity of options in Medellín’s markets.

    Our shopping expedition demonstrates that $100 can go a long way in Medellín. With a wide variety of products at affordable prices, local markets offer a rewarding shopping experience for residents and visitors alike.

    I hope you enjoy this shopping adventure as much as I did!