Hello everyone! Andrew here with The Medellin Buzz. In this video, we will visit three different malls in Medellin. Many, even Colombians, tell me that you go to a store in one mall and then go to the same store in another mall, and the prices will be different. Let’s see if this is a myth or a truth.

1. Unicentro:

Despite being the oldest of the three malls (inaugurated in 1991), Unicentro remains a popular choice. With over 270 shops and 25 restaurants, it offers a comprehensive experience.

Additionally, it is pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your dog along, which is excellent. On Sundays, they even hold masses in the mall.

Unicentro is located in Laureles. It’s easy to get to, although there’s no nearby metro station, so I took a taxi.

You can find various stores, from Adidas to Coach, and there’s also an Éxito supermarket and a cinema.

  • Location: Nestled in Laureles, Cr 66 B # 34 A – 76 neighborhood, Unicentro is Medellin’s retail landscape hallmark.
  • Establishment: Since its inception in 1991, Unicentro has evolved into a sprawling complex featuring over 270 shops and 25 restaurants.
  • Unique Features:
    • Diversity of Stores: From global brands like Adidas and Coach to local favorites, Unicentro offers a diverse shopping experience.
    • Community Engagement: Hosting Sunday masses and embracing pet-friendliness, Unicentro fosters a sense of community.

2. Santa Fe:

Transitioning to Santa Fe, a modern marvel inaugurated in 2010, Located in the heart of Medellin, Santa Fe is a massive mall with almost 100 more stores than El Tesoro, visitors are greeted by a sprawling complex with over 480 stores. From internationally renowned brands like Puma and Nike to local favorites such as Arturo Calle and Velez, Besides fashion stores and banks, Santa Fe has over 60 restaurants in its food court. You’ll find brands like Forever 21, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and American Eagle here.

  • Location: Situated in El Poblado, Santa Fe emerges as a modern retail giant, conveniently located near the Aguacatala Metro station.
  • Grandeur: With over 480 stores spread across five stories, Santa Fe captivates visitors with its vastness and modernity.
  • Noteworthy Attributes:
    • International Brands: From renowned names like Puma and Nike to Colombian brands, Santa Fe offers a global shopping experience.
    • Culinary Delights: Boasting the most significant food court among the three malls, Santa Fe treats visitors to many dining options.

3. El Tesoro:

Finally, ascend to El Tesoro, Medellin’s pinnacle of luxury retail. While inaugurated in 1999, El Tesoro exudes contemporary elegance, boasting a curated selection of over 400 stores. Visitors are trapped by an aura of sophistication, encountering esteemed brands like Diesel, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. Moreover, El Tesoro innovative offerings, including premier movie experiences and the captivating “Sunset at El Tesoro” dining area, elevate the mall into an unparalleled leisure destination.

If you’re staying in the famous El Poblado neighborhood, El Tesoro is the ideal mall to visit. More than just a shopping center, El Tesoro resembles a park with over 400 stores, a mini roller coaster, and other attractions. From clothing to furniture and jewelry, you’ll find everything here. It also has a coworking area called Nómadas, where you can work while enjoying a coffee.

  • Location: Perched atop the hills of El Poblado, El Tesoro exudes luxury and sophistication.
  • Opulence: Despite its establishment in 1999, El Tesoro maintains its allure with over 400 stores and a premium ambiance.
  • Distinctive Features:
    • High-End Offerings: From Diesel and Calvin Klein to unique dining experiences, El Tesoro epitomizes luxury shopping.
    • Innovative Attractions: Andrew explores the premier movie theater and the charming “Sunset at El Tesoro” area, showcasing the mall’s commitment to innovation.

Price Comparison:

When faced with possible price differences between Medellin’s shopping centers, I conducted a comparative analysis of specific stores within the city’s three main malls.

After seeing several stores, including the renowned leather goods store Velez, in Unicentro, Santa Fe, and El Tesoro, I came to a surprising conclusion: the prices of the same products were consistent in all places. This discovery suggests that, at least for specific brands and products, there are no significant price differences between these three shopping centers.

After visiting Unicentro, Santa Fe, and El Tesoro, it’s clear that each mall offers its own unique shopping experience in Medellin. Despite the widespread belief that prices vary between malls, my investigation revealed that prices for the same products remained consistent across all three locations. This dispels the myth and provides consumers with a clearer understanding of the city’s shopping landscape. Whether you prefer the community vibe of Unicentro, the modern grandeur of Santa Fe, or the luxury offerings of El Tesoro, rest assured that you’ll find quality products at similar prices no matter where you shop.