Every few weeks we, the Medellin Buzz team, leave the office and have some fun. We go out to interview foreigners living in Medellin and ask them what they really think about the city of eternal spring.

Brent Knowles - Wandering Paisa HostelThis week we spoke to  Brent Knowles.

BUZZ:  Hi Brent , where are you from?

Brent:  Seattle , United States Of America.

BUZZ:  How old are you ?

Brent:  27

BUZZ:  How long have you lived in Medellin?

Brent:  Almost 4 years.

BUZZ:  That’s a long time, why are you living in Medellin?

Brent  I co-own a hostel with my brother, called  The Wandering Paisa, near to Estadio.

BUZZ:  Wow excellent, why did you choose medellin?

Brent:  We fell in love with Medellin when we first arrived and we saw an opportunity to open a hostel closer to the centre to show people another side of Medellin.

BUZZ: What’s your favorite thing about Medellin?

Brent  The metro system is one of the best in South America and the city is investing in its people with the metro cable and free concerts.

BUZZ:  What’s your favorite Colombian food?

Brent:  Mondongo!

BUZZ: Good choice Brent, what’s your favorite place in Medellin?

Brent:  Bibloteca Espana, its got fresh air and great views.

BUZZ:  Tell our readers about your hostel.

Brent: We are located just off  7oth and  San Juan. We are 2 and 1/2 years old and we see travelers from all over the world. We seek to promote cross cultural dialogue between backpackers and Colombians.

BUZZ: How do you do this?

Brent: Every Thursday at 8:00 pm we hold a language exchange.  Where foreigners get a chance to meet local people and practice their Spanish and help the locals with their English.

Brent Knowles - Wandering Paisa HostelBUZZ: Ok Brent thanks for talking to Medellin Buzz, we really appreciate your time,however, we have a few more quick questions before you go, are you ready?

Brent:    Sure.

BUZZ:   Salsa or Reggaeton?

Brent:  Reggaeton.

BUZZ:   Ajiaco or sancocho?

Brent:  Ajiaco.

BUZZ:  Pilsen or Aguila?

Brent:  Aguila.

BUZZ:  El Corral or McDonalds?

Brent: El Corral.

BUZZ: Nacional or Medellin?

BRENT: Medellin

BUZZ: Ok thank you very much for your time, good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Brent: Thank you.

Brent Knowles is the owner of the Wandering Paisa Hostel – http://www.wanderingpaisahostel.com/


Interview: is a verb and means to ask someone questions.  A news reporter interviews people.
Co-own: is a verb and means be a partner in a business.
Investing: is the present participle of the verb to invest.  To invest means to put money towards a project or a business with the expectation of profit.
Fresh: is an adjective and in this context it is synonymous with cool.
Seek: is a verb and it means to look for something, or to attempt to find something.
Backpacker: is a noun.  It’s a person who travels carrying only a backpack.
However: is an adverb and it is used to connect two sentences that contrast or contradict each other.
Endeavor: in this case it is used as a noun.  It is an attempt to do something difficult.

About the Medellin Buzz

The Medellin Buzz is for English as a Second Language students to practice and learn with.  The Medellin Buzz is written in a way that is easy to understand.  The difficult vocabulary words are in bold, these words are defined in the Glossary.