This didn’t happen in Medellin, but I think it’s a very cool video and deserves to be viewed around the world.

Living in downtown Medellin I see homeless people everyday.  The amount of homeless people is not the same as I would see in Downtown Los Angeles, but it’s definitely a very visible aspect of downtown.  

Having been very broke, living in my car, while trying to start a business in California I empathize with these people.  Sometimes it’s heartbreaking, sometimes it’s frustrating, and sometimes I just get angry at some of the homeless people I see who are visibly lost in the world of drug addiction.  I wish I could help them all.

This video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. This singer, Carlos Whittaker, was shooting a music video when a homeless man approached him and joined in. His rasta-like singing flows perfectly with Carlos’ melody. It’s amazing how the law of attraction works.

This video really made me happy today, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Homeless Man Sings with Carlos Whittaker, a very Moving Performance

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