Kid from Sierra Leone Invents Things with Trash

Kelvin Doe is only 15 years old and has contributed more to his community than most people have in their lifetime.

I am so inspired by him. He is what I call a King. A King is a person who has no fear, that reigns even when he/she has no kingdom. A person whom others want to associate with, whom others can learn from, whom others are inspired by; a leader.

Kelvin lives in utter poverty in Sierra Leone. His dream is to help support his family and provide for them while helping his community. His humility and nobility are ever present, and his smile lights up a room.

Kelvin takes electrical parts from wherever he can find them: trash-bins, dust-bins, broken parts, etc, and creates electronic devices. He has even established his own radio station, and he is ONLY 15!

I want to be like Kelvin.  Today I will visualize what I want to achieve, today I will be creative, today I will focus, today I will do something great, today I will be King!