Living In Colombia vs. USA 2023

I came to Colombia in 2010. So I’ve been here for over a decade now. Exploring the cool differences between life in Colombia and the USA has been a blast. In this post, I’ll go over how it’s super easy to get around and have a great time with friends in Colombia, and we’ll also learn about money and ways to grow personally. Life in Medellin, Colombia. So, join me as we go on this journey and learn about all the awesome vibes and opportunities waiting for us!

1. Accessibility

One of the biggest differences between my life in Colombia and the USA is the accessibility factor. In the U.S., I lived in California, where everyone and their mother had a car. Here in Colombia, I haven’t owned a car ever. The transportation system here is truly remarkable. I live in the captivating neighborhood of Manila (in El Poblado), where everything I require daily is within walking distance – the grocery store, co-working spaces, banks, restaurants, the gym, and even nightclubs.

In El Poblado, there are many co-working spaces. There are big ones like WeWork, but I prefer a particular small-scale one just a few blocks from my apartment. It has high-speed internet, great coffee, and good vibes. Even though there are a few hostels and hotels in Manila, most people in this co-working space are locals, creating a sense of community engagement.

This difference in accessibility shows how my life in Medellin is simpler and more stress free than my life in the US. I’m super happy I don’t have to rely on a car to get me everywhere.

2. Socializing

As I hit my late twenties in the USA, I noticed my circle of buddies getting smaller. Crazy work hours and long commutes made it feel like planning a get-together was like setting up a mini-production, even if we all lived close by. It happens as we get older in the US.

But in Colombia, it’s a whole other story. Now that I’m 42, my social circle just keeps on growing. Whether playing sports, games, or even diving into new business ideas, everyday life here is full of chances to meet cool new folks, whether they’re residents or fellow adventurers. This energetic atmosphere flips the script on growing older – I feel more alive and connected than I did in California.

Social life in Colombia is a spontaneous and vibrant scene, setting it apart from the more laid-back and sometimes shrinking social circles that can come with aging in the USA.

3. The cost of Living

In the USA, earning and spending dollars can limit your purchasing power. Living in Colombia with dollars and spending pesos changes the game due to the four-to-one exchange rate.

You’ve got options, too. Do you want to clock in fewer work hours and keep the bills at bay? No problem. Or you’re feeling ambitious and want to hustle more, saving for incredible adventures, snazzy properties, or whatever tickles your fancy.

I’ve taken the latter path. This has led to buying properties, extensive travel, and growing my businesses. Even though my companies are doing well, my monthly budget remains modest at two thousand dollars. Colombia’s low cost of living has allowed me to focus on future investments, travel, and hobbies.

Looking back to my start in Colombia in 2010 after deportation, I began with a job at a call center earning four dollars per hour. Despite challenges, I searched for online opportunities and started my own business. As my income grew, I invested in local talent to expand my business further.

The difference in cost of living between Colombia and the USA has shaped my financial choices and empowered the growth of my ventures. It highlights the unique opportunities that Colombia offers in 2023.

4. Personal Growth

Let’s dive into a fascinating difference between my life in the United States and my current journey in Colombia – the fantastic opportunity for personal growth. Finding time to level up in the US was like a rare gem. Weekends were my downtime escape. But here in Colombia, it’s a different story. Mornings are all about work, and afternoons are like a treasure trove of options – from getting active and playing games to hanging out with friends, shooting hoops, and soaking up the good vibes.

And guess what? This newfound flexibility is backed by a stable financial ship. I’m not just sailing through life but investing in my well-being. I’ve got these super cool routes for personal growth, like diving into insightful therapy sessions and treating myself to massages, keeping my space tip-top with housekeeping, and even hopping on board with reflexology services. All these goodies contribute to my big ball of happiness.

Don’t get me wrong – the US has its perks, no doubt about it. But my life in Colombia? Oh boy, it’s like an adventure every day. Sometimes, a fresh change of scenery can turbocharge your life’s engine.

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