This is my Colombian Cupid review, it’s my personal experience, your experience may be different.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been documenting my experience dating Colombian women in Medellin. I meet girls on the street, at the grocery store, at the mall, at clubs, when I play basketball, etc. But nothing has been better than the Colombian Cupid dating site.

I made a quick Colombia Cupid review video:


I’ve had many guys contact me through my blog asking various questions about Colombian Cupid. So a couple of months ago I renewed my account. In this blog post I’ll go over my experience on the site and some tips I’ve learned along the way.

Get a FREE Colombian Cupid Account

On the Colombian Cupid home page you’re asked to register for a free account right away. It gives you the option to fill in the small form or simply sign up using your Facebook details. I don’t really care too much about people knowing that I’m on the site, therefore, I opted for the quick registration by clicking the “Join with Facebook” button.

I made sure to read the Colombian Cupid Terms of Use upon joining and learned a few things right away.

1. Who is Colombian Cupid?

  • The name of the operating company is Cupid Media Pty Ltd.
  • They’re located in Australia.
  • They manage a ton of “Cupid” dating sites all over the world including Russia and parts in Asia.

2. The free account is limited in use of features.

  • You can browse profiles.
  • You can like (I go over that in detail later) a girls profile.
  • You can NOT send messages to girls.
  • You can NOT read messages from girls.

The free Colombian Cupid account is a good way to wean into using the site, but, ultimately, you’ll want to read messages from girls and send girls messages, so the paid subscription is best.

Before joining I had conjured up an idea that most of the girls on Colombian Cupid would be prostitutes or gold diggers looking for a foreigner with money. Thus I created a free account and just browsed around. My opinions on the site were quickly reversed after a couple days of the free account. A principal contributing factor to my shift in opinion was the fact that there were MANY girls on there with varying ages, and they did not look like pros at all.

Setting Up Your Colombian Cupid Profile

Upon creating my free account I was prompted to complete my profile. The edit profile page looks like this:

Colombian Cupid Profile

How to edit your Colombian Cupid Profile

Notice that there are various tabs at the top. The one that is open is the “Profile” tab.

The form is straightforward and easy to fill out. I filled mine out completely, including the city I am from in California.

The very last part is a little harder to fill out.

At the bottom of the Edit Profile form there’s a section labeled “In Your Own Words.” The first text box is your title tag. This is one of the first thing a girls reads when they look at your profile.

Andrew's Colombian Cupid Profile

Andrew’s Colombian Cupid Profile

I chose to put a lyric from my favorite salsa song called Ah-Ah/O-no: “Y si te pido un besito y te toco la manito…”

I did this because if a girl likes salsa, she’ll recognize the lyrics and probably appreciate it. And if a girl doesn’t, the words are suggestive and go with my “not so shy” personality.

Tip: Verify your account with a valid ID and your profile will have a little “verified” badge.

Setting Up your Matches

Click on Matches and then on the Improve Matches button.

Colombian Cupid Matches

Colombian Cupid Matches

Once you’re at the Improve Matches page it’s pretty self explanatory. You can be as specific as you want to be. From the age range you’re interested in to hair color and length to bust and waist size.

I did some experiments and noticed that women are not really putting all of their details in their profile, therefore, the more personal/private characteristics like bust size and hip size is best to left at “any.”

How I Message Women

I like to talk to women that I might have a chance at a long term relationship. Therefore, I tend to only talk to girls that either have filled out their profile well and that have a description of what they’re looking for.

For a quicker reply I’ve found that it’s best to contact girls that are online now. To do this you need to click on the xxx Members Online link.

Colombian Cupid Members Online

Colombian Cupid Members Online

These girls are online right now, so if you message them you have a higher chance at a quick reply. The problem is that many will be from different parts of Colombia, so you just have to pay attention to where they are from.

Once I’m in the xxx Members Online screen I can browse pictures of girls. If I see an attractive girls I click on the little green silhouette icon next to their picture to look at their profile. I don’t like to click on the heart icon at all.

Beautiful women get hundreds of hearts every day. I’ve experimented with the heart. I’ve given a heart (like) to 50 girls and I’ve only gotten 5 matches. The main factor is, in my opinion, that I’m not a handsome guy. So getting that instant, lust filled heart (like) right away doesn’t happen.

That’s okay though…I play to my strengths and that is that I can speak Spanish well and I’ve got a great sense of humor.

The First Message

I’ve played around with this message quite a bit. Here’s some of that research.

Short Message: Hello __(name)__, como estas?

Sent: 30

Replies: 8

Real Dates: 1

Medium Message:

Hello __name___,

Como estas? Lei tu perfil y me llamo la atención. Me gustaría conocer mas de ti.

Sent: 30

Replies: 12

Real Dates: 2

Long Message:

Hello __name___,

Como estas? Lei tu perfil y me llamo la atención. Me gusta que te eres trabajadora y echada para adelante. Me gustaría conocerla mas. Te puedo hacer unas preguntas?

Sent: 30

Replies: 15

Real Dates: 3

Longer more personal messages work best for me.

The Facebook Filter

Most women are very good at taking flattering pictures. Colombian Cupid allows for 5 total pictures to be uploaded. So you know that these will be the 5 best pictures these girls have ever taken.

Pictures can be deceiving.

I usually try to get them to add me on Facebook or Instagram, so that I can check out all of their pictures.

Keep the Conversation Going

If you’re really into a girl keep the conversation going on WhatsApp. Colombian’s love WhatsApp and it’s free. So when the moment’s right just say:

Te puedo agregar a WhatsApp? Es mas fácil que chatear aquí por Cupido. 

Once you have them on whatsapp the conversation can continue at a much faster pace. I like to ask many questions before leading up to the first date. I honestly do want to get to know the girl well, therefore I make sure to ask pertinent questions like: What do you like to do in your free time? What’s your favorite type of food? What books do you like to read? Have you been to any theaters in the city? Have you been to any of the museums in Medellin? Are you into sports? Do you work out? What’s the most romantic thing anyone’s every done for you? etc.

Make the Date

Once I have been chatting with the girl on WhatsApp for a while (a day) I ask her out.

I usually do it the next morning. I say something like:

Buenos días. Espero que ayas amanecido muy bien. 🙂

Que dirías si te invito a cenar este fin de?

That usually gets a positive response. Then it’s just up to finding a good restaurant to meet at.

People in Colombian can be very flaky. I get around this by mentioning that I’ve had bad experiences in the past having to wait for a girl for 30 minutes or an hour. Or her not calling me to tell me she’s not going to make it, etc.

Sometimes I go as far as sending her an Uber to pick her up. That way I know she’ll be there. An uber ride is like $5.00 US max typically, so it’s not a big deal.

By this time I already know her favorite food and what she likes to drink. I make it a point to tell her that we’re just going to have dinner  and some wine.

If the date is going well I mention to her that I really think she’ll like the next place we’re going to. Then I take her to a cocktail bar with music.

If the date goes really well I usually take her to a dance club after cocktails.

It’s All Up To Me

I have found that my dating success on Colombian Cupid, ultimately, comes down to me. If I want to find prostitutes on the site, I can; if I want to find university students, I can; if I want to find professional, educated and cultured women, I can.

I’ve also found that in order to be successful on dates I have to be awesome.

How I’ve made myself awesome

  1. Regular exercise – Every morning I wake up and do 100 push ups and 100 sit ups. And, no, this didn’t happen over night. I love to play basketball, so I started there. I created a group on facebook of people that like to play basketball and we started to play every Monday. Three years later the group has over 400 members and we play every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the group is called Medellin Basketball Association. I also play on two teams in two different tournaments. On top of basketball I go to the gym. Smart Fit is awesome and cheap.Everyone’s tastes are different. I like girls that are active and in shape. Thus, I have to be that way too.
  2. I don’t work, I have a passion – Three years ago I started a digital marketing agency out of my house. Today, Red Door Studios, has 8 employees at our office in Medellin. I really love what we do and love waking up each morning to get into the office. My business partner is also a single guy and the same age. I’ve hired great people, including my brother, who are equally as passionate about what we do.
  3. I play the guitar – I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 14 years old and It’s something that helps me get away from everything. It’s something that makes me feel great. Again, everyone’s tastes are different, but I like women that are smart and creative. In order to attract that I have to be like that too.
  4. I read and write…a lot – I’ve gotten in the habit of reading two books a month. The type of books I like to read are motivational books, success stories, and self development. Currently I’m reading Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck and Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.
  5. I’ve gained confidence – Focusing on self growth both physically and mentally has helped my self esteem. Even though I’m not a super attractive guy, I do know that I am more confident than most men. And people can feel that and that in itself is attractive to many women.

Where I Go On A First Colombian Cupid Date

I’m one of those people who love first dates. It’s fun to meet someone new and feel that chemistry. Of course that magical feeling will not be there all the time, but I still have fun. When it comes to a first date I always like to go to a place where we can talk and get some alcohol in our system.

Here are some spots in Medellin that I like to go to for a first date:

El Alcontista – This is a restaurant/bar in downtown Medellin. Yes downtown, so if you’re scared…stay in el poblado, but if you dare venture, this spot is great. They have food and drinks and on Mondays it’s jazz or blues. I like this place because the food is decent, the drinks are good, there’s live music and it’s in downtown (near parque periodista), therefore, when if I’m meeting a girl that lives in Bello, Aranjuez, Manrique, etc. it’s easy for her to get there. This is good for a day or evening date.

Cafe Kiron – This is a cool little cafe that also serves cocktails in a neighborhood near downtown called Aranjuez. They have food and live music some days. It’s a great place if you’re meeting a girl that lives in that area. Cafe Kiron is a good place for a Colombian Cupid date because it’s no loud and the tables are small, so you can have a conversation while enjoying a drink. This is good for a day or evening date.

Botanika Lounge – This place is right in parque lleras. It’s a little cafe/bar right in front of the Charlie Hotel. It’s a great because it’s got the whole botanical garden vibe with lots of plants and mellow music. It’s easy to have a conversation while having coffee or a cocktail. The location is great because if you’re date is going very well all you have to do is go upstairs to to the salsa bar called Buenavista for more drinks and dancing. This place is good for a day or evening date.

Erre – This is one of my favorite places for a first date! It’s a cuban themed bar inside an old house right in parque poblado. They’ve got Ron Abuelo, which is one of my favorites, they also have bottles of Grey Goose and Patron. You can also get a bucket of Coronitas for a fair price. It’s good to get there around 9:00 pm for a date because as the night transgresses the music gets louder. I’ve never been there during the day, but I’ve been there a few times at night, not only with a date but with friends.

Rock Symphony – Whenever I have a date with a girl that likes rock music…heavy metal, not pussy, pop rock, I take her to Rock Symphony in downtown. It’s located in a safe apartment complex called Torres de Bombona. It’s good to get there early because the music can get loud and the place is small. It’s a famous spot in Medellin, most people that are into rock know about it, so it gets crowded on weekends, but it’s open all week long. They have great pizza and pitchers of Apostol beer (the best micro brew in Medellin, in my opinion.)

Rock Cafe Dali – If you’ve got a rocker chick as a date, but don’t want to venture out to Rock Symphony in downtown you can hit up Rock Cafe Dali in el Poblado. It’s not as hardcore as Symphony, but they play good rock music, not pussy pop rock. They have cocktails and the space is big, so it’s pretty easy to get a table, but on weekends they have life music, so make sure to call or message them on facebook before a Saturday night date. This place is good for day or evening dates.

Victoria Regia – This is my new spot in Medellin. It’s next to parque poblado, above empanada express. It’s a great place because it’s really big so getting a table is easy, except on weekends when they have live music. They have food and cocktails. It’s a bit more expensive than all the other places, but well worth it. It’s easy to have a conversation and catch a buzz. This place is good for evening dates only.

Mercado Del Rio – This place is a market style location with a bunch of restaurants in it. There are really good restaurants and there’s a wine bar. This is a really great place for a Colombian Cupid date because it’s in public, you can brows around and finally pick a spot to order from and if you want a bit more privacy and waiter service you can go to the second floor where are are a couple of restaurants.

37 Park – This spot is more expensive than the others. A cocktail may run you up to $25,000 pesos. That being said, it’s a very nice place with indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is picnic style, on tree stumps, which is pretty cool…and on some weekends they have live music outside. I recommend the lychee sangria jar.

For more date spot suggestions make sure to check out my post on Medellin nightlife.

For a more in depth look at my dating life in Medellin check out my post on dating in Colombia.


Using Colombian Cupid has been a great experience for me. I have gone on many dates and will continue to do so until I find someone that makes me fall in love. Well, even if I don’t fall in love I’m having a great time. I will be updating this blog post regularly, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter to get the notifications.

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I love Colombian and Medellin has been my home since 2010.  I like to write and I want to give back to the community. This is the best way I know how. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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