From Broke to Business Owner: My Medellin Odyssey

Have you ever wondered how a guy in Bogota with just a suitcase and a borrowed laptop went on to own multiple businesses in Medellin? That’s my story, and I’m here to spill the beans on the ride.

Finding Gold Online:

Picture this: Craigslist, website gigs, and a massive email blast to California businesses. Yes, I spammed a bit, but desperate times call for desperate measures, right? The result? Landing clients and turning things around.

Teacher by Day, Entrepreneur by Night:

Fast forward to Medellin, where I’m juggling English classes during the day and hustling on my business after hours. It’s the classic tale of burning the candle at both ends, but it worked!

Upwork Wins and Big Contracts:

Then came Upwork, my game-changer. Video proposals set me apart, and suddenly, I’m snagging contracts worth thousands. Oh, and did I mention my unexpected expertise in the drug and alcohol rehab scene? Turns out, life’s surprises can be assets.

Life’s Rollercoaster and Pandemic Surprises:

Prison, yeah, that happened. But guess what? It laid the groundwork for my digital marketing empire. Fast-forward to 2019, thriving clients until the pandemic hit. Talk about a plot twist! But hold on; a client in essential services breathed life back into my business.

Goals for 2024 and Beyond:

Flash forward to 2024—I own properties, run businesses, and connect with you all. My goal? Live events! Forget comparing chapters; focus on your unique journey. We’re in this together.

Join the Fun – Live Event Alert:

Exciting news! Let’s meet on Thursday, January 25th. Check my Facebook for details, and be part of the journey. I’m not just documenting my hustle; I’m building a community. Stay awesome, and see you at the event!