We had a Conversation Club Cocktail Party last Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 and it was a hit.

The event started at 7:30 pm and of course the foreigners were punctual while the first Paisa guest didn’t arrive until 7:45 pm.  By Paisa standards 7:45 pm is on time, haha.

I waited until about 8:15 pm to start the Conversation Club activity.  By this time there were about 28 people.  I made everyone sit in a big U shape around along the walls.  Then I put up a popular English saying on the big flat screen T.V. and told everyone that they must talk to the person next to them about the saying.  Of course many of the English as a Second Language Learners did not know the saying so they had to guess or ask a native English speaker what it meant.  After 10 minutes of talking I made every second person rotate to the right and changed the saying on the screen.

After about 30 minutes of speaking in English I switched to español y puse dichos pasáis en la pantalla. Hice que hablen con su pareja por 10 minutos y después los hice rotar para cambiar de pareja. Hablamos solamente en español por otros 30 minutos.   Para las 10:00 pm ya nos habíamos tomado todo el Ron (Ron Abuela Panameño) y casi todas las cervezas.

El evento fue un HIT!

Después del evento nos fuimos a bailar a un lugar en el parque lleras hasta las 3:00 am.

Next Conversation Club Event in Medellin

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