Practicar ingles en Medellin

It was definitely a beautiful crowd!


Conversation Club Language Exchange in Medellin

Last Saturday we had another Conversation Club Language Exchange at Tinto Tintero next to Parque Poblado.

We had about 120 people confirm on the Facebook Conversation Club event page. Out of those 120 people more than 70 people showed up! It was awesome to see so many people.

I have been putting on these Conversation Clubs in Medellin for about a year now and this has been the biggest crowd yet.

The topic was romance, dating, and pick up lines

The format was: 1 hour in English and 1 hour in Spanish

The activity was: I cut out pick up lines and questions about dating and romance and distributed them to each group.

Dyads: we had groups of 4 or 5 people (native English speakers and native Spanish speakers.)

We had a lot of fun and I met a lot of new people. I hope to see you at our next Conversation Club Language Event next month. Sign up for our Conversation Club Newsletter to get an email about our next events.

Practiar ingles en Medellin

After the language exchange we had a couple of Canadian DJs perform.

Practicar ingles en medellin - Conversation Club

Alcohol + English = Fluency

Practicar ingles en Medellin. Conversation Club Medellin.

Paisas & foreigners practicing English and Spanish.

Practicar ingles en Medellin. Conversation Club Medellin

I was impressed with the high level of Spanish that some foreigners had and the high level of English that some Paisas had.

Practicar ingles en Medellin. Medellin Conversation Club.

I met the two Americans on the left on the plane ride back from el Carnaval de Barranquilla, great guys.

Practicar Ingles en Medellin

A couple of my Blendex students practicing their English with a foreign couple.

practicar ingles en Medellin

Everyone was all smiles.

Practicar ingles en Medellin.

It was a cut-up activity.

About the Medellin Buzz English and Spanish conversation club

Medellin Buzz English and Spanish conversation club is for English and Spanish students to practice and learn.  Our goal is to integrate native English speakers with native Spanish speakers in a fun and dynamic way.

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