Living in Medellín: A Conversation with Courtney

In the heart of Colombia lies Medellín, home to our first-ever guest, Courtney. Having called this vibrant city home since 2012, Courtney shares her unique journey. Beyond entrepreneurship and property investments, she brings a distinctive perspective as a mother raising her 12-year-old son, Marello.

Costs and Domestic Harmony

Courtney sheds light on the affordability of household help, a game-changer for her as a working mom. Whether it’s childcare, housekeeping, or both, the cost is surprisingly reasonable, providing her with invaluable quality time with her son. For those considering similar assistance, she recommends navigating through agencies to ensure compliance with Colombian labor laws.

Education and Cultural Integration: The Columbus School

The educational landscape in Medellín presents its own set of challenges. Marello attends the Columbus School, an international institution with a diverse student body. Courtney emphasizes the competitive nature of private schools and the need to plan for enrollment. The Columbus School, while local in its attendees, offers an international baccalaureate curriculum, fostering cultural diversity.

Healthcare and the Cost of Well-Being

According to Courtney, one of the standout features of life in Medellín is the healthcare system.

With a private insurance policy costing her family around $300 per month, Courtney emphasizes the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services. Notably, she shares positive experiences with surgeries conducted in Medellín, showcasing the city’s burgeoning medical capabilities.

Navigating Safety in Medellín and Closing Thoughts

Looking at how Medellín compares to Miami, Courtney talks about feeling safe.

She knows being careful is essential, but overall, she feels secure in Medellín. The city has experienced a notable transformation in its expat community, with an increasing number of families seeking a distinctive combination of cultural immersion and an elevated quality of life.

I wrap up our conversation, expressing my gratitude to Courtney. Her intriguing insights about Medellín spark curiosity about potential future interviews to explore her evolving experiences. Whether it’s the city’s cultural vibrancy, educational dynamics, or the nuanced aspects of daily life, Courtney’s narrative paints a vivid picture of Medellín’s multifaceted allure.