TOP Questions On Life in Medellin, Colombia

Hey there! Today, let’s dive into some of the most common questions about life in Medellin, Colombia. These questions come straight from my Facebook groups, where expats share their thoughts and experiences.

Supermarket Prices in Medellin:

People often wonder about supermarket prices in Medellin. Despite the talk of “Gringo pricing,” it’s crucial to know it’s not a widespread thing. With a limited number of expats in the city, the price variation, like Carulla in El Tesoro, is more about locals than targeting foreigners.

Renting Apartments in Medellin:

Dealing with rental agencies can be tricky for those looking to extend their stay. Many agencies have specific criteria. The question pops up about alternatives to platforms like Airbnb for long-term stays. Exploring local agencies specializing in short-term rentals might be the way to go, even without a local ID.

Credit History and Co-signers:

Couples without a credit history but with decent incomes often face hurdles. Rental agencies might ask for a co-signer to meet specific criteria. Limited options are discussed, along with strategies highlighted in a separate video( on renting apartments in Medellin without relying on Airbnb.

Taxation for Digital Nomads Leaving Colombia:

A digital nomad wonders about tax implications when leaving Colombia after 300 days. The conversation stresses that Colombia doesn’t share tax info with the US. It’s suggested to receive money in a non-Colombian account, potentially capitalizing on tax breaks available to business owners.

Wearing Wedding Rings in Medellin:

The appropriateness of flaunting expensive wedding rings in Medellin is discussed. Safety concerns and the risk of standing out as a tourist are considered. It’s suggested that they opt for a replacement ring, especially for newcomers to the city.

Spanish Classes in Medellin:

Recommendations for learning Spanish in Medellin, including local institutes like Elefun and Blink Spanish, are shared. Virtual classes through platforms like Italki or suggestions from individuals like David Colombian Dos Spanish on Instagram are also recommended.

Investing in Colombian CDs:

Safety concerns about investing in local CDTs in Colombia are addressed. While Colombian CDs are considered safe, the importance of diversification is highlighted, especially for those with substantial investments. The chat also touches on the devaluation of the Colombian Peso against the US dollar.

Gringo Pricing and Inflation:

Talking about “Gringo pricing,” it’s clarified as somewhat of a myth. Last year, Colombia had almost 10% inflation, affecting prices across the city, not just in touristy areas. The idea of Gringo pricing is often coined by expats, and locals rarely use such terminology. The price increase is more about the mindset of charging more to those perceived as having more disposable income.

Hiring Cleaning Services and Legal Considerations:

The discussion extends to hiring cleaning services, tying it to the importance of legality when employing locals. Long-term hiring for household tasks can have legal implications, and recommending companies like Hogaru to handle legal aspects ensures compliance and avoids potential legal issues.

Dating Scene in Medellin:

I am delving into the intriguing world of adult dating in Medellin, especially for those aged 28 and above. Whether seeking romance or friendships, the key is to radiate attractiveness through engaging activities, a magnetic personality, and even exploring dating apps. However, grasp the essence of Medellin’s dating culture – prioritizing meaningful connections over fleeting encounters.

Reflecting on attracting people in Medellin’s socially vibrant setting, it’s about leading an exciting life. Learn from experiences, like an expat friend initially struggling to attract women, emphasizing the importance of becoming an attractive force, both in personality and interests, for successful connections.

In the Medellin dating landscape, it’s not solely about apps; immerse yourself in the local culture, where building lasting connections takes precedence. While dating apps serve a purpose, patience, active local participation, and genuine community interest are your best allies. Volunteering emerges as a potent avenue, fostering meaningful connections and budding romances.

Embrace the rhythm of Medellin’s enchanting journey, savor each note, and relish the evolving tale of love and friendship in this vibrant Colombian city.

So there you have it! Life in Medellin is a mix of excitement and unique experiences. By tackling these common questions, I hope I’ve provided useful info and practical tips for anyone interested in discovering and enjoying the fantastic city of Medellin. May your Colombian adventure be full of joy and new experiences!