In this post, I’ll share valuable tips for finding affordable furnished apartments in Medellín, Colombia, even if you don’t have a local ID or a guarantor. I’ll cover strategies like using Google to search for apartments, reaching out to advertisers within your budget, and exploring Facebook Marketplace and groups. I’ll also emphasize avoiding scams and negotiating deposits while navigating the real estate market in Medellín. Let’s get started on your journey to affordable furnished apartments in Medellin!

1. Google Search

The first step in finding cheap apartments to rent in Medellin, Colombia, is to conduct a Google search for furnished apartments in the area. For instance, let’s take the first organic search result as an example. To streamline your search and save time, find a way to contact the property owners or agencies.

You’ll often find a WhatsApp number. This is a convenient way to get in touch with them. Introduce yourself by saying, “Hello, I’m interested in renting an apartment in El Poblado or Laureles. My budget is three million five hundred. Could you please send me information about available apartments in the area?”

Specifying your budget is crucial, ensuring you receive listings matching your financial range. This approach will save you time, as many listings on these websites need to be more accurate.

A word of caution: Be wary of apartments with meager prices and an overly eager person responding to your WhatsApp messages. If they insist on an immediate down payment without allowing you to visit the property, it’s a red flag.

Only send money or sign contracts after physically inspecting the apartment first, even if they provide you with a warranty, pictures, or their ID. Over the years, people have fallen victim to scams in this manner. Always ensure you have seen the apartment in person before making any financial commitments or signing agreements.

In summary, efficiently contact property owners or agencies through WhatsApp, specify your budget, and request inventory information to save time and avoid scams while searching for cheap apartments in Medellin, Colombia.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Now, let’s explore using Facebook to discover your dream apartment in Medellin. It’s like having a friendly buddy to help you out:

Facebook Marketplace:

  • Start by hopping over to Facebook and searching for apartments. It’s that simple!
  • Watch for “Facebook Marketplace,” as it’s a treasure trove of apartment listings. What’s remarkable is that many of these listings are posted by actual apartment owners, not just real estate agents.
  • Click on “See All” to explore the listings and use filters to narrow your search based on your budget. Say you have a budget of $1,000; just type in 4 million pesos and see what pops up.
  • While scrolling, you might stumble upon some fantastic finds. For instance, there could be a fully furnished apartment in downtown Medellin for only 1,950,000 pesos a month (roughly $477). Living in downtown Medellin can be quite an adventure!

Friendly Tip: Don’t just fall in love with the pictures. Shoot the owner a private message. Tell them about your budget and how long you plan to stay. Ask if the apartment you’re eyeing is available or if they have similar options. It’s like starting a friendly conversation with a potential landlord or landlady.

Facebook Groups:

  • Imagine you’re at a friendly community gathering. That’s what Facebook groups for apartment rentals in Medellin feel like.
  • Search for “Apartamentos amoblados Medellin” and click on the “Groups” tab. You’ll find a bunch of groups where people post their available apartments.
  • To get the best scoop, join groups with lots of members. More members, more choices!
  • Dive into the posts, sort them by date, and chat with those offering apartments matching your needs. It’s like striking up conversations with your future neighbors.

By cozying up to Facebook, you’ll be well on your way to discovering affordable apartments in Medellin. 😊🏡

Renting Affordable Apartments in Medellin, Colombia – Extra Tips

I want to stress the importance of giving people money only once you’ve seen the property and are sure you’ll get the keys. Many websites cater to foreigners looking to rent like locals. It’s possible to rent with just a passport and a deposit; you must put in the effort and ask the right questions.

When I first arrived in Colombia, I was financially strapped, having been deported from the United States. I had to share an apartment due to needing more local credit and funds. It took me a couple of years to build a network that allowed me to rent independently. I understand the challenges of finding an affordable apartment without local connections.

When messaging agencies or individuals about property listings, mention that you need a local ID (cedula) and inquire about their process for renting to foreigners with just a passport.

Many of them have specific requirements and procedures for this situation.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Negotiate the Deposit: Try to keep the security deposit as low as possible, as getting it back can be challenging. Negotiate and see if you can pay a few months’ rent upfront to reduce the deposit.
  • Communication Challenges: Be prepared for professionals from agencies or even individuals to be more responsive and punctual than expected. Medellin can test your patience in this regard.

That covers these additional tips for renting affordable apartments in Medellin, Colombia. If you found this helpful, please hit the like and subscribe button. More advice will be coming your way soon! 🏠✈️