Medellin is batty for bikes

ciclovia medellin - medellinbuzz.comEnthusiasm for cycling is at an all time high in Medellin. Medellin has named the first Sundays of June and October as ¨Bike Day¨ and the entire city is shut-down to cars.  In some of the suburbs around the city there are wide pavements with marked bike paths. There are even public bikes for rent (free for students). The Medellin Ciclovia takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8PM until 10PM between the Ayura metro station and Parque Berrio.  The round trip is close to 11 miles.


Batty: is an adjective, it is a synonym of crazy, insane.

Shut-down: is a verb meaning to close.

Bike paths: part of a road designated for bicycles only.