After 9 years, my nightlife in Medellin has changed a bit. I arrived in Medellin in 2010 and the ensuing 4 years were pretty much work Monday to Thursday, party Friday to Sunday.

On episode 3 of my Medellin Podcast, our guest, Richard from Glassgow, Joel, Jason, Felipe, and I go over our nightlives here in Medellin. We are all a bit different so our activities and opinions differ.

Is Going out in Medellin Cheap?

Well, it depends. When I got here 9 years ago I was making roughly $1,000 US a month. Back then the dollar was about $1,900 COL to $1.00 US. So $1,000 US was about $1,900,000 COL.

I was renting a room, I was sharing an apartment and I paid about $600,000 COL. So after rent, I had $1,300,000 COL left over.

Nightlife in Medellin for me from 2010 to 2014 was on the cheap. Going out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night was possible, but my friends and I would cut corners.

For example, instead of going directly to a club we’d meet up at Parque Poblado or Parque Lleras, buy a bottle of rum from the liquor store, coca-cola, and ice, and drink while talking to other locals and foreigners.

Back then Parque Lleras was very different. There were little to no prostitutes and not many foreigners.

A typical night out back then could cost me less than $100,000 pesos.

From 2015 to 2017 I put my head down and worked very hard on our business, Red Door Studios. Therefore, nightlife was pretty non-existent for me.

Now that our business has gained momentum and I have more money, nightlife has changed a bit.

I don’t go out every weekend, but when I do go out, I don’t need to worry about the price of a good meal at a nice restaurant or bottle service at a cool club.

A typical Friday or Saturday night out can cost me about $300,000 to $600,000 COL depending on if I have a date or not.

I play basketball on a couple of teams here, so I usually only go out on Friday, and it usually involves going to dinner, hitting up my favorite bar, Metropole, and maybe going to a club for drinks and dancing with females.

On Sundays I like to wake up around 8 am and run 5k to 10k on Ciclovia, then breakfast at my favorite coffee shop, Hija Mia. I’m actually writing this here at Hija Mia right now. lol.

As I mentioned in the Podcast above, nightlife can vary depending on what you like to do…and/or why you’re here in Medellin.

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