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Why Advertise on the Medellin Buzz?

Print advertising can be very expensive.  Advertising in a large newspaper doesn’t mean that you’ll be seen by your target audience.  Advertising on the Medellin Buzz might be right up your alley.   Here are our numbers:

  • Right now we are distributing 10,000 copies per month
  • Distribution locations:
    • Coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and hostels in the Poblado, Parque Lleras, and Laureles areas.
    • Major language institutes in Poblado, Parque Lleras, Downtown, and Belen.

The Medellin Buzz is read by over 10,000 people per month. Our goal is to distribute in areas where people have to wait such as coffee shops, restaurants, and hotel lobbies.

Medellin Buzz Niche

Our niche is that we are the only one page, printed publication in English in Medellin.  This means two things: one that our printing cost is low, we pass this saving on to our advertisers by offering low cost ad space, two that we have no competition, so our readers stay loyal.

Medellin Target Audience

Anyone who speaks English in Medellin.  It is a fact that every high school teaches English as a required subject here in Medellin. Also, foreign investment is on the rise in Medellin, bringing in more and more English speaking foreigners to Medellin. This means that the English speaking population will grow every year. The Medellin Buzz is a no brainer.