July 2013 Horoscope

 July 2013 Medellin Horoscope

ARIES –  This month gives you the opportunity to make a change in your life. There is something  you have been overlooking. In June you will become more aware of this and it will help you to make an excellent change to your life.

TAURUS –  You will be very busy this month. There are many problems to solve. It is not important who is to blame , the most important thing is to make things right. You will be in the perfect position to help but you must keep busy.

GEMINI – Life has been a little tough  for you recently and it has taken a lot of your energy. Although June will start slowly the planets promise, as the month continues ,you will start to feel better  and get a lot of your energy back.

CANCER – June brings an opportunity to change your plans. You have new ideas and you will be keen to try them over the next few weeks. Dont worry about the past you have to look to the future. You can change your mind with confidence this month.

LEO – Dont worry about small problems this month. You need to concentrate on the things that really matter. Dont be anxious , trust your instinct and the planets promise to bring you much needed comfort.

VIRGO  – There is a problem in your world this month and you know how to fix it. However it’s not your job to fix the problem.The person who can solve the problem needs time to understand everything.You need to be patient and wait for them.

LIBRA – You can’t change everything this month.There will be things you dont like this month but you will have to accept the situations.However,there are many things you can change. Focus on what you can change and accept the rest.

SCORPIO – Life has been a roller coaster recently and it has left you feeling confused and exasperated.This month you will learn a lot more about yourself. The lessons you learn now , will stay with you forever. Trust the sky to look after you and all will be fine.

SAGITTARIUS – Do you have faith ?  Do you believe anything is possible ? The planets are offering you the chance this month to truly get what you need.Be confident about what you want and trust your heart. Reach for the stars.

CAPRICORN –  When you have power you have responsibility. You need to use your power wisely this month. The worst thing you can do , is to do nothing.You don’t need to work hard this month , you just need to work clever to get what you want.

AQUARIUS – The cosmos is sending you one message this month.Dont lie to yourself. You need to be true to your dreams. All the signs are there for you this month , don’t ignore them.Trust what is right and you wont lose this month.

PISCES –  This month the planets are giving you the opportunity to overcome an obstacle that has been troubling you for a while. You cant stop now , be brave and your future will bright.


Overlooking: is the progessive tense of the verb to overlook. To overlook means to fail to notice something or someone.
Blame: blame is a verb. It means to place responsibility on someone.
Tough: is another word  for difficult. It is also used to describe things that can’t be easily broken.
Keen:  describes someone who is very interested in doing something
Anxious: is an adjective. It is used to describe someone who is nervous or worried about something
Solve: is a verb. It means to find the answer or solution to a problem
Focus: is a verb. It means to concentrate on a central point of attraction , attention or activity
Rollercoaster: a situation which changes from extreme to the other or  when a persons feelings go up and down quickly
Faith: to have faith means to have great trust or confidence in something or someone
Wisely: having the power to judge what is true or correct
Signs: an action or event that shows a meaning
Bright: is an adjective. a shining or luminous light. Or to mean your future will be good .