World Cup Soccer Vocabulary in English and Spanish

With the Brazil World Cup 2014 upon us let’s talk about some soccer vocabulary.

As most of you know I love soccer.  The World Cup is one of those events that consumes my life.  The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be my first World Cup in Colombia.  I am very excited and anxious to watch Colombia play.  So in honor of this magnificent event I want to go over some soccer terms in English and Spanish.

First let’s go over the basics.

Player Positions

Goalkeeper (Keeper for short)/Goaltender/Goalie = Guardameta/Portero – A pesar de todas las estrellas que tiene Colombia en el terreno, el guardameta David Ospina sobresaldrá en el mundial.  Despite all of the stars Colombia has on the field, goalkeeper David Ospina will stand out this World Cup.

Defender – Defensa – Como ultima defensa a Mario Yepes se le tiene confianza.  As a last defender we can rely on Mario Yepes.

Midfielder – Mediocampista – James Rodrigues es un mediocampista con mucha creatividad. James Rodrigues is a midfielder with lots of creativity.

Forward/Striker – Delantero – Jackson Martinez es un delantero fuerte y veloz.  Jackson Martinez is a strong and swift forward.

On the field terminology

The national team – La seleccion

The ground/field/pitch/field of play – El Campo/terreno de juego/césped

Kick off – Saque de salida.

Corner kick – Saque de esquina/tiro de esquina/corner

Free kick – Tiro libre

Set piece – Jugada preparada/jugada de laboratorio

Tie (noun) – Empate

Goal – Gol

Cracker of a goal – Golazo

Foul – Falta

Referee – Arbitro

Linesman – Juez de linea

Penalty shot/penalty kick – tiro penal/penalti

Off the field terminology

World Cup – Mundial

Stadium – Estadio

The score – El marcador

Match/game – Partido

Injury time – Tiempo de reposicion/descuento

Manager/coach – Etrenador/técnico

Fan/supporter – Hincha

Cheerleader – Porrista

Soccer is wonderful!

Needless to say, there are a lot of other vocabulary words.  This is just a basic reference guide.  If you have other words please share them in the comments below.  I am sure that everyone would appreciate it.

My brother and my sister are visiting from California, so this will be a World Cup to remember.  I hope you enjoy this year’s World Cup in Brazil, I know I will.

About the writer – Andrew Macia

Andrew Macia

Hello, my name is Andrew Macia and I am the founder of the Medellin Buzz.  I am an advanced level English teacher here in Medellin, and I also have a website development, and marketing company which I run from home.

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I love living in Medellin and I love Colombia.  I want to give back to the community and this is the best way I know how.  Let’s practice English/Spanish and have a great time!